Spike TV Has A New Game Show That’ll Finally Pay You For Humiliating Your Family

05.25.16 2 years ago

Shutterstock / Spike TV

If one thing is for certain, it’s that parents and their grown-up children should not be broaching certain topics. Whatever their grown-up kids choose to do with their lives should remain deeply tucked away, far beneath the surface where most parent/child conversations should reside. Want to talk about work, the weather, the dog, dinner or aunt Brenda’s hemorrhoid surgery? Go for it. But to broach topics like sexual activity, relationships, or what a now-adult child does in the privacy of their own, parent-free home should be off-limits.

That’s exactly why Spike TV is making a game show that sounds painfully uncomfortable not only to be on, but to watch. Deadline has the report on a series order for an hour-long game show that will pair up parents with their adult children and look to unearth skeletons in both of their respective closets in the name of entertainment. If this sounds like a demented version of The Newlywed Game to you, it absolutely is. Contestants will have to answer questions about their family member correctly to win cash and prizes while unveiling awful secrets, all with the hope that they can look each other in the eye afterwards.

This will be Spike’s first foray into the realm of straight-up game shows, with most of their original programming ranging from stuff like Bellator MMA to Bar Rescue and the recent Lip Sync Battle. Look for this show in the near future, hopefully along with an actual name for it, because there isn’t one yet. Or maybe this should never happen and we should forget about this. Right? Please.

(Via Deadline)

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