Your ‘Squid Game’ Halloween Costume Grew A Whole Lot Easier To Put Together, Thanks To Netflix

Netflix’s Squid Game has been causing internet mayhem to the degree that the streamer got sued over the surge in traffic created by the frenzy to stream this show. The “world domination” jokes are actually no joke, given that it’s headed toward being the streamer’s most-watched show ever, and so many people want to watch the deadly (fictional) survival game (which skewers capitalism) that it’s topping the charts in 90 countries. Given the optimal timing, too, Squid Game shall surely be 2021’s most popular Halloween costume, and Netflix is here to assist with that as well.

Their merch shop (which contains The Witcher and Lupin offerings, and you can visit them here) is already pumping out Squid Game-themed apparel, including T-shirts and a hot-pink hoodie, which is part of a guard uniform with a show logo. That item can be customized with different shapes, so that one can pick their guard rank. So fancy! However, an actual contestant track-suit costume isn’t available as of yet.

Ominously enough, the apparel is offered up with this greeting: “Accept the invitation at your own risk. If you’re like us and love ‘Squid Game,’ you’ve come to the right place — and the stakes aren’t as high.”

Hmm… I wonder if Jeff Bezos is placing his order as we speak? The Amazon founder fired off a gracious congratulatory tweet over the weekend while writing that Netflix co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos “get it right so often” with their content game. He also added, “Their internationalization strategy isn’t easy, and they’re making it work. Impressive and inspiring.” Bezos admitted that he hadn’t watched the show yet, and he might not be as big of a fan once he realizes that it’s a critique on capitalism, but hey, Halloween is for jokers anyway.