John Stamos Visited The House From ‘Full House’ And Somehow Went Completely Unnoticed

In appalling news, the famously handsome and ageless John Stamos was visiting San Francisco and stopped by the house used as the exterior for his former TV home on Full House. As a treasured American landmark, there were tourists gathered around and Stamos casually waited for them to turn around and notice that one of that home’s former fictional residents was standing right next to them.

“#TURNAROUND,” he beckoned on Instagram, waiting for the oblivious crowd to notice him standing right there. But no one did. Uncle Jesse stood alone.

Kids these days, huh, Uncle Jesse?

Well, at least Mr. Stamos can live with the fact that he can’t do anything to unhandsome himself. He’ll always have that, even if no one ever sees it in person.

Source: US Weekly via Complex