Ranking All The ‘Star Trek’ Series That Never Were

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09.08.16 5 Comments

From Captain Kirk to Captain Picard and back to Captain Kirk, the Star Trek franchise has thrilled its fans with several awe-inspiring chapters on both television and the big screen, but it’s also worth remembering that there have been numerous unrealized additions to the Star Trek canon. So, as we all celebrate Star Trek and its illustrious half century of existence and inspiration, lets look back at (and rank) those projects that ultimately failed to boldy go.

6) Hopeship

Science-fiction author Darlene Hartman briefly developed a hospital ship-based Star Trek spin-off with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in the ’60s that never came to be. Later, she’d publish the Star Trek-influenced Einai novel series under the name Simon Lang. Its fifth book, published in 1994, was titled Hopeship. And that might have ultimately been the best place for such a concept. As a complimentary piece, the portrayal of advanced medical procedures, tools, and medications is fascinating and at times riveting, but it’s not immediately clear where the conflict would have come from on a high-tech space hospital show in the ’60s.

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