Captain Picard Is Addicted To Tea And Flutes In Hilarious New ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Edits

Okay kids, it’s time to pile into the Wayback Machine and ride the time stream all the way to the misty, forgotten year that was 2009. It was a different, more innocent time, when everybody thought wolf T-shirts were hilarious, Lady Gaga was still capable of shocking people, and a little website called JanDrewEdits was twisting old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation into hilarious nightmares on a near-weekly basis.

The work of Andrew Hussie and Jan Van dem Hemel, JanDrewEdits treated us to delights such as Commander Riker f*cking himself, Worf the peeking pervert, and Data’s many terrifying X-rated paintings. Well, all the old JanDrewEdits videos live on, on YouTube, and recently Hussie and Hemel even announced they’d be making new episodes again on an irregular basis. The latest episode, Ménage à Tea, delves into Jean Luc Picard’s crippling, ship-disrupting tea addiction. You can check that out above.

Another recent episode brings back Picard’s infamous terrible flute playing…

I can’t express how happy I am that JanDrewEdits is back, as I’ve watched all their videos at least a dozen times each. Now, just bring back the ALF edits and I’ll want for nothing in life. You can watch all the TNG edits right here.