Stephen Colbert Takes Advantage Of A Moment By Having Donald Trump Debate Himself

Tonight we found out just how entertaining a debate can be without Donald Trump involved. And the final answer seems to be “not very much.” And without a debate, Donald Trump isn’t very entertaining either. Even if he’s being protested against. They need each other or at least need an enemy to battle against, someone to bounce those barbs off of.

That’s where Stephen Colbert comes through with a brilliant idea. Two Trumps, locked in a battle for the soul of America. The loser licks the salt of shame from the other’s boots, while the winner gets all of the prized ratings. It’s beautiful, especially when one Trump is contradicting the other Trump on a topic. It’s something that The Daily Show certainly deserves a nod for popularizing, almost always having some go to footage that undermines whatever bold statement is making headlines.

Megyn Kelly’s interview with Trump even comes into play, showing that he did once praise the lady that he now claims to dislike so much that he won’t even join a debate with her at the helm. It’s very similar to his Ted Cruz love affair, which ended almost as soon as one got a little more popular, like most high-school friendships.

(Via CBS)

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