Let Stephen Colbert Explain All About ‘Lord Of The Rings,’ Even Stuff You Didn’t Want To Know

“Well Samwise Gamgee is the best character,” Colbert says, as if it’s the most obvious choice in the world. It’s clear Stephen Colbert, in-between hours of preparation and writing his biting satire, has had time to think about something other than politics and appeasing his CBS overlords. You can hear the passion in his voice. This is how he sounds when he’s really on a roll, skewering Donald Trump, or making a stand against inequality. In a lot of ways, Stephen is like Samwise Gamgee — wise, brave and always willing to stand up for his friends.

He also has some interesting thoughts on Frodo’s difficult journey to Mount Doom.

“Why does anyone think Frodo is going to throw the ring in the fire? Because when Gandalf first tells him it’s the ring of power, he says to him, ‘try to throw the ring into your little coal fire here,’ and he can’t do it then. Why does he think he’s going to be able to throw it into the cracks of doom later? Gandalf has not put as much thought into this as I have.”

This is true. Maybe Colbert is less like Samwise, and more like an omniscient wizard. That’s why Colbert would be interested in bringing Gandalf to New York for an interview. That’s when things got really intense, and, well… I’ll just leave this screenshot.