Stephen Colbert Calls In Jon Stewart To Respond To Donald Trump’s ‘Unfunny’ Critique Of Late Night Comedy

Entertainment Writer

Stephen Colbert wasn’t about to let Donald Trump targeting late night comedy pass by without making a spectacle of it, especially when he called it “unfunny.” But he can’t just respond on his own, he wants to actually give Trump’s “equal time” recommendation a chance. So he calls in Jon Stewart to help balance him out and say a few nice things about the president while Colbert runs down a few monologue jokes about Trump.

It seems like the impossible task, mostly because either of these fellas saying anything nice about Trump is a Herculean task, but Stewart does make a few attempts while bending the words to their breaking point. Yes, Donald Trump is probably not a cannibal and he’s likely worse than Harvey Weinstein right now. But then the former Daily Show host hits a roadblock when he has to react to Trump’s “calm before the storm” comments.

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