Stephen Colbert Calls In Jon Stewart To Respond To Donald Trump’s ‘Unfunny’ Critique Of Late Night Comedy

10.10.17 1 year ago

Stephen Colbert wasn’t about to let Donald Trump targeting late night comedy pass by without making a spectacle of it, especially when he called it “unfunny.” But he can’t just respond on his own, he wants to actually give Trump’s “equal time” recommendation a chance. So he calls in Jon Stewart to help balance him out and say a few nice things about the president while Colbert runs down a few monologue jokes about Trump.

It seems like the impossible task, mostly because either of these fellas saying anything nice about Trump is a Herculean task, but Stewart does make a few attempts while bending the words to their breaking point. Yes, Donald Trump is probably not a cannibal and he’s likely worse than Harvey Weinstein right now. But then the former Daily Show host hits a roadblock when he has to react to Trump’s “calm before the storm” comments.

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