Stephen Colbert’s ‘Daily Show’ Reunion Turned Out To Be A Refreshing Blast From The Past

Stephen Colbert set the bar high for his show on Tuesday by announcing a special unofficial reunion from The Daily Show last week. Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, and Ed Helms rejoined Colbert to look back, share jokes, and bond together over the current political situation. While Colbert did mention James Comey being fired by President Trump to start the show, he had to put it on the back burner for the night.

To open the show, Jon Stewart and Colbert ended up showing the man they’re really serving after leaving their positions over at Comedy Central. With a delicious sandwich in hand and a refreshing Coca-Cola, Stewart and Colbert go to serve current Daily Show host Trevor Noah. It’s fitting, although a little sad when Stewart doesn’t have his own show to promote. At least not yet.

After the monologue, the entire group got together to look back at Colbert’s last day at The Daily Show. It’s a sketch full of fun wigs, frosted tips, yogurt, and jokes about Steve Carell’s body hair. There’s so many little jokes tossed in throughout and visual gags, it’s likely worth its own breakout for fans. Also, having Oliver play Steve Carell really helps to amp up any and all jokes about the Oscar-nominated actor.

I would’ve killed for a new “Even Stevphen” installment, but this was pretty damn good.

Jon Stewart is the first guest out, which is fitting considering it was his name under the title of The Daily Show and he’s apparently the one who gave Colbert his potty mouth. They talk a bit about #FireColbert, try to understand why the crowd cheered for James Comey getting fired, and address Stewart’s current role of shoveling real sh*t as opposed to fake bullsh*t on Comedy Central.

They also save some time for Bill O’Reilly getting fired from Fox News — incorrectly comparing a visit to the network to the mines in Raiders Of The Lost Ark, only to be corrected by Colbert immediately.

Once the full group gets out to sit and chat with Colbert, it’s pure gold. Not only does the show put together a nice montage of all the first or early field pieces for the group, Colbert shares his own story about having to run from the Klan on his first or second segment on the show. This also includes a few jokes at the expense of the origins of the show with Craig Kilborn and Lizz Winstead, mostly about how Comedy Central seems to have forgotten that era of the show exists. It was a good one, though, and they should really put something together. No matter, the Klan story is worth sitting through the entire show — not that you wouldn’t have either way.

It was well worth all the hype and a reminder of just how good The Daily Show was for all those years. We also got to see Colbert’s favorite Daily Show moment with Stewart before the whole thing ends.

(Via The Late Show)