Stephen Colbert Had A Message For The ‘Violent Fascist’ Proud Boy Who Named Him In Court

The violent coup attempt staged by Donald Trump supporters at his behest is making major news again as televised hearings about the events of January 6 continue in Washington later this month. While some may attempt to downplay the severity of the violence and threat to American democracy from Trump’s failed effort to decertify Joe Biden’s presidential election, the video evidence and testimony already on display has served as a reminder of how bad things got and who was responsible for the attack at the Capital.

And as Stephen Colbert will gladly remind America, the “violent fascist” Proud Boys were front and center to the deadly mayhem. Even if they don’t like the coverage he’s given the attacks on network television in the aftermath of the Trump-encouraged conspiracy. On Wednesday’s show, Colbert broke down what’s happening during the hearings, including Proud Boy leader Joseph Biggs complaining about the “negative press and media coverage” he’s received from Colbert and others.

That section of his opening monologue starts around the 3:30 mark of the video. Colbert, who also pokes fun at Biggs’ insistence that the Proud Boys are not violent right wing organizers and are merely a “fraternity,” had a clear message for anyone upset about the attention he’s giving the group and its leaders.

“Some of the folks being featured in the videos in these hearings are not happy with about all the publicity,” Colbert said (via Huffington Post), noting that Biggs mentioned his show on CBS specifically in an attempt to convince a judge to move his trial for sedition. The callout came from a Newsweek story that covered an earlier segment from The Late Show.

“Biggs’ attorney argued that his client can’t get a fair trial thanks to ‘this week’s televised hearings of the House Select Committee on January 6’ and all the media coverage “from Morning Joe to Stephen Colbert’s Late Show,” Colbert recited from legal filings, drawing cheers from the crowd. The host pretended to get emotional about the callout for his work, too.

“You know, ladies and gentleman, I do a lot of jokes about these violent fascists but,” he paused dramatically, “To hear that even one of them noticed… I… I feel so seen. You hate me, you really hate me.”

He then delivered a clear message in response to the request for comment he got on the “high-profile” case.

“You are going to jail, you neo-numbnut,” Colbert said. “And if you don’t like it, you can come and get me. My name is Joe Scarborough and I love coffee. Welcome to the monkey house, brother.”

You can watch the full monologue above.

(Via Huffington Post & Newsweek)