Stephen Colbert Puts The Lack Of A Censor To Therapeutic Use In His Election Night Special

11.08.16 1 year ago

NOTE: There’s a nudity warning for this video, for it’s Showtime!

Stephen “F*cking” Colbert led his live election special on showtime. The host of the Late Show came out announcing his name in that precise manner since he was celebrating his temporary freedom from network television. And he came to the audience this evening at a time of relative catastrophe for the United States, which is in the midst of a meltdown over live election results. Colbert chose to prod at the situation with a hopeful, helpful dose of humor.

Naturally, the jokes had a raunch factor. First, Colbert acknowledged that the election was currently “too close to call and too terrifying to complicate” while also labeling it as a “a passport grabber.” Indeed, a good chunk of the nation can’t believe that the apocalypse may be arriving, and “half the nation is voting for the asteroid.” With that said, Colbert tried in vain to use his opening monologue as a means of distraction. He replayed some of his greatest censored moments of CBS in uncensored mode. And then … yes, there was a naked dude, and yes, Colbert examined a note card in front of his package.

In the harsh light of day, folks may not appreciate the attempt to lighten the mood. Yet throughout these nail-biting moments, a dose of levity is sorely welcomed.

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