Please Allow Stephen Colbert To Explain Everything Wrong With The ‘Star Wars VII’ Table Read Photo

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I will never not be a sucker for when Stephen Colbert turns on the full geek mode to nerd trivia battle a guest or rant over some new development. Whether it’s The Hobbit or Star Wars, his passion and breadth of knowledge are far too genuine to be denied, even when you don’t understand what the hell he’s talking about. I mean, that Princess Leia/Young Colbert graphic.

So with the Star Wars VII cast being announced yesterday accompanied by a table read image of everyone sitting around looking chummy, Stephen had a few things to point out in the first two minutes of his “Tip/Wag” segment last night. And it’s not all complimentary. Watch your back, Abrams.

Man, if Disney really knew how to market they’d have set up a Patton Oswalt-Stephen Colbert Star Wars rant-athan to announce the new cast.