Stephen Colbert Opens Up To His ‘Late Show’ Audience About How He Met His Wife

07.05.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Poor, poor “Ann.”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert shared the above video of the beloved (but recently beleaguered) host, and if you love when Colbert is simply the most charming and magnetic man in a room, this is a must-watch. According to the description, each night before his show tapes, Colbert takes questions from his audience, and in this case someone asked him: “When you met the woman that is now your wife, how did you know that she is the one?” Gee, random audience member, get personal much?

But thank goodness he asked that question, because Colbert’s answer is a truly heartwarming story of how love can sneak up on us and reveal that the right person has been there all along. Even if it all sounds a little too good to be true, who the heck cares? This is when Colbert is at his best (or second best, if you’re partial to his faux-punditry above all else) when he’s just telling a story that he loves, about his wife of 23 years, Evelyn McGee-Colbert, and how they were under each other’s noses the whole time.

Back to “Ann,” though, if that is her real name, she’s probably going to want to stay away from Facebook for a few days until this video stops buzzing. Not like she isn’t aware of what her ex is up to now, but no one likes salt on the wounds.

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