Stephen King Is Shading A Mystery Streaming Service While The Internet Criticizes Netflix’s Change Of Heart On Password Sharing

Netflix warned users that a password crackdown would surface in 2023, but the actual implementation of the ban sounds unwieldy. Trying to stream anything outside of one’s home will require extra steps and may not even be possible in some scenarios. Users also aren’t thrilled at how Netflix appears to have forgotten their previous embrace of password sharing while literally tweeting (in a sentiment that still sits on their primary account), “Love is sharing a password.”

Stephen King (his In The Tall Grass and Mr. Harrigan’s Phone have materialized via Netflix) may have caught wind of this mess. Although the nature of shading is that one doesn’t clarify their target, he’s definitely talking about a streaming service. Who knows, King is referring to price changes and could be pointing at Hulu, which recently cranked up one its most popular packages to $82.99.

That’s only one of multiple Hulu price changes since the pandemic began, but this week, widespread criticism seems to be landing upon Netflix. And the timing of King’s latest tweet could say something. “When a streamer messages you ‘Our terms have changed,'” the Cell author tweeted. “[T]hat means they want you to pay more money for the same service. I doubt if you needed that translation, but just in case.”

Again, King may not even be talking about Netflix. Several streaming services have boosted price points of late, and Netflix hasn’t raised prices in at least a few months, although they still could do so. Yet they’re removing a feature (they encouraged password sharing, so it arguably counts as a feature) without adjusting the price, so people will be paying the same money for receiving less. You can read more of Netflix’s upcoming guidelines on password sharing on their blog with more details to come, no doubt.

Yet if you wanted another, cheerier, King tweet, here you go: