Steve Martin And Martin Short Spent Their Entire ‘Tonight Show’ Interview Roasting Jimmy Fallon

For anyone who’s still upset at Jimmy Fallon for the hair tousle seen ’round the world (or for breaking in countless SNL sketches, or starring in Fever Pitch, or the “Idiot Boyfriend” music video, or “Ew”), you might enjoy the clip above. Steve Martin and Martin Short, henceforth referred to as Steve Martin Short, dropped by Thursday’s Tonight Show to promote their “Now You See Them, Soon You Won’t” live tour and roast the heck out of Fallon. Highlights include:

-“This is the greatest show on television, because there is no host in late night that pretends to care the way you do.”

-“No one captures phoniness the way you do.”

-“When I’m home watching the show, I think, wow, for someone who does meth, your teeth look great.”

-“You proved that tall, handsome white men can make it in show business.”

-“Do you smell Febreze?” “No, that’s Jimmy’s new fragrance.”

-“I think it’s so brave of you, five years in, and to decide suddenly to abandon the comedy format.”

Steve Martin Short also broke out a Nancy Pelosi-inspired sarcastic clap and gave Fallon (who, it’s worth noting, was a good sport the entire time) a gift: a montage of their favorite bits from five years of his hosting The Tonight Show.

You can probably guess what happens next.


The guests also later played a game called “Know It All.”