Steven Yeun Has No Love For ‘Walking Dead’ Nit-Pickers

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Walking Dead star Steven Yeun didn’t just go on Conan last night to promote his campaign to stop people from saying that all Asian people look alike, he was also there to talk about The Walking Dead. Before Yeun got around to telling Conan O’Brien about which parts of his body will melt after this Sunday’s mid-season premiere, though, he took a swipe at “nit-pickers” who complain about the length of the grass and the unrealistically ample fuel that exists this far into the zombie apocalypse. He did not, however, point a finger at the camera and yell “Nerds!” but it was implied.

In all seriousness, I get the frustration and he’s got a point: the show is, essentially, a fantasy. But it’s one that is based in close proximity to reality, so let the grass grow out a little bit, let everyone get really freakin hairy, and lets see a bit more cannibalism, huh? In closing, “Who cares about the grass?” I care about the grass, Steven Yeun. I care.

Via Team Coco