Steven Yeun Discovering Snapchat Filters Is Almost More Entertaining Than ‘The Walking Dead’

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The premiere of The Walking Dead is months away, so all we’re left with for our Walker fix is potential leaks and the speculation we can draw from social media posts from the cast and crew of the show. It’s a tough life for a fan, especially with Game of Thrones now over for the season and nothing to do with our Sunday evenings (sorry Preacher and The Night Of), but with all the half-seasons TWD has thrown at us, this is to be expected.

Thankfully, Walking Dead star Steven Yeun has a Snapchat account. Yes, everybody’s favorite scavenger Glenn may be immune to death, or may have gotten whacked in the head with barb-wired bat a dozen times, but he’s not immune to the charms of turning yourself into a strawberry on Snapchat. Today, he dropped some of hilariously awkward snaps on his Instagram account, and they’re almost better than knowing who Negan hit with Lucille. Almost.

It’s amazing, in a creepy but amusing sort of way, just like The Walking Dead!

Celebrities struggling with Snapchat or being outright astonished by its filters is nothing new. DMX is probably the standard bearer, but still Yeun’s little pieces of performance art aren’t far behind.

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