Stop Being So Perfect, Jon Hamm

Because we’ve unintentionally decided we’re only going to talk about people on AMC and NBC shows today: here’s a clip of Jon Hamm rapping about “Taxi” with Reggie Watts from the upcoming podcast-turned-talk show “Comedy Bang Bang,” which premieres on IFC on June 8. (If anyone read “Taxi” and thought of the Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah movie from 2004, please leave and never come back.) Over Watts’s looped beat, Hamm freestyles about the show’s cast: “Louie’s there, Bobby’s there, Elaine, Tony Danza’s there. Also in attendece: Latka, played by Andy Kaufman.” It gets even better when he does a spot-on impression of Christopher Lloyd’s Reverend Jim, and says, “He came along in the later seasons/A lot of people said they jumped the shark/I thought the show got better.” Which is true.

Jon Hamm’s insistence on doing awesome things, like rapping about “Taxi” with Reggie Watts (I just like saying that), is making it really hard for a guy who isn’t Jon Hamm to get laid these days. Face it, world: compared to him, we’re all Harry Crane. Video below.

And here’s Hamm’s freestyle rap (with host Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins as Gary Marshall) about autumn and Dick York on the CBB podcast: