Stormy Daniels Showed Jimmy Kimmel Which Mushroom Looks Most Like Donald Trump’s Junk

Following Stormy Daniels‘ not safe for life revelation that Donald Trump has an “unusual penis” with “a huge mushroom head” (she later compared it to “the mushroom character in Mario Kart), the Full Disclosure author went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss — you guessed it — the president’s junk. About her Lake Tahoe rendezvous with Trump, Daniels said that “he was channeling Hugh Hefner, but significantly less sexy. He followed orders much better back then.”

Of the detail that Daniels spanked Trump with a magazine, Kimmel asked, “What does he do, when you spank Donald Trump?” to which Daniels responded, “Do you want me to show you?” Kimmel eventually conceded and Daniels used her book to spank him. “I laid there and prayed for death,” Daniels said of her experience with Trump. (Via)

Eventually, the conversation turned to poor Toad. (His Google results are forever unclean.) Kimmel presented a line-up of orange mushrooms and asked Daniels to pick which one “would most represent the commander-in-chief of the United States military?” They ranged from tiny and stout to big and bulbous.


As Kimmel’s other guest Sarah Paulson astutely noted, “so disturbing.” The American Horror Story actress also described the “winner,” the mushroom on the left, as a “nubbit,” which isn’t a word but is one hundred percent accurate.


Anyway, with that mind, enjoy the rest of your day!

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)