Michael Strahan Does Not Miss His Old Show

Remember the Michael Strahan/Kelly Ripa beef that had daytime television all in a tizzy? Here’s an abridged version: Strahan allegedly blindsided Ripa by not telling her that he was going to leave Live! With Kelly And Michael for Good Morning America. Then, Ripa threw some serious shade at Strahan, and eventually it ended with Strahan jumping ship earlier then expected. It took awhile, but now Strahan is taking a few jabs at Ripa and his old job.

Strahan appeared on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talkshow, Chelsea, and of course she asked about his last job. Even if you’re not hosting a billion television shows and doing commercials for products that help you with bowel movements like Strahan is, someone asks about what your last job was. Handler was quick to lay it out on the table telling Strahan, “As a single white female talk show host, will you be staying here the whole time, or will you be leaving early?” Strahan laughed and responded with, “Depends on if the right person calls me.”

We already knew Strahan follows where the money is, but then Handler asked if he simply missed being on his old show. Strahan was quick with a simple, “No, I don’t.” He later said that he needed a break. OK, so by a break you mean landing more television and commercial gigs, or do you mean a break from Kelly Ripa? OK, we read you loud and clear, Strahan. He also said that he hasn’t watched Live! either, but says that it’s because of his hectic schedule. Ripa probably doesn’t watch Good Morning America or will tune in for ABC’s revival of The $100,000 Pyramid because of her hectic schedule, too.