Does This ‘Stranger Things’ Casting Call Reveal That Eleven Isn’t One-Of-A-Kind?

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09.30.16 3 Comments


We’ve had a few months now to digest the magic that is Stranger Things, but with the recent announcement of season two, the theory machine that is the internet is still in overdrive. As we all wait impatiently for the next outing in the Upside Down, fans are clinging to every new bit of information that could possibly offer clues. The latest bit of grist to get caught in the rumor mill comes from a casting call on Backstage with some very specific demands.

According to the call, the production team behind Stranger Things is looking for a variety of 1980s looking people, “especially women who are willing to cut their hair/bangs.” While this could, in fact, just be a call for period appropriate folks to populate the streets and school hallways of Hawkins, Indiana, but where’s the fun in that when we could rather speculate about everyone’s favorite kid with a buzz cut, Eleven? Millie Bobby Brown shaved her head with aplomb for the role, so perhaps the Duffer brother and company are looking for some actors with the same willingness?

In season one, it’s pretty clear that Eleven is most likely not the only child to be subjected to the studies of Dr. Brenner’s team. Where are One through Ten? Is Eleven the last of her kind or is she merely one of many? Will Eleven be back at all for season two (duh, of course she will)? These are the questions that will keep Stranger Things fans up until the wee hours of the morning until we get more. Until then, the best you can do is run over every episode of season one with a fine-tooth comb, looking for clues you missed the first time around.

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