Season 2 Of ‘Stranger Things’ Will Hit Netflix In 2017

You would think that a second season of a massively popular breakout hit like Stranger Things would be a sure thing, but we never can be certain these days. Even as Netflix execs and the show’s creators and producers talked about what’s next for Eleven and the Upside-Down, fans still needed actual confirmation that season two is coming, because we’ve simply been burned so much in the past by other networks and shows. We need to know, baby, please.

On Wednesday, Netflix comforted us with the best possible news.

While we were ready to start breaking down those words and phrases with our best theories, they’re actually episode titles. As far as what we know of the plot, the story for season two will pick up one year after Will Byers was found and then spit a nasty slug into his bathroom sink. What will be interesting to see is not only if everyone is back for the next adventure, but who will be joining them. It’s hard not to imagine that the show’s popularity will have other actors desperate to get in on the action, but we’ll leave the casting to the Duffer brothers.

In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here patiently hoping that Tommy and Carol get what’s coming to them. Your days are numbered, jerks.