This Cute Animated Short Perfectly Mashes Up ‘Stranger Things’ And ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

It’s highly unlikely that Netflix will give us a Stranger Things Christmas special while we all chew on your fingernails and anxiously await the arrival of season two next year, so in the meantime this fan made animated short will have to do. The clip comes to us from Los Angeles based animator Leigh Lahav, who threw the Stranger Things kids and into a Charlie Brown Christmas style universe to explore how Will Byers would have adjusted to returning from the Upside Down place.

It starts off with Will explaining to Dustin — who is animated and voiced to absolute perfection, by the way — that he thinks there’s something wrong with him. “I like that I’m not trapped in the upside down and hiding from monsters anymore,” he says, spoofing the opening scene with Charlie Brown talking to Linus on the wall. “But I’m still not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel.”

The rest of the short features Eleven as Lucy at her psychiatry stand; Lucas as, I dunno, Pig-pen (maybe?), in the Byers home which is still festively decorated with holiday lights; Mike as Schroeder, jamming out the Stranger Things tune on his little piano; and the demogorgon as Snoopy, who still won’t leave Will alone. And of course, there’s even a Barb cameo, sure to please the #JusticeForBarb crowd.