It Doesn’t Sound Like ‘Stranger Things’ Will Stick To Their Season 4 Exit Plan

09.28.17 6 months ago 4 Comments


Not all TV life cycles are created equal. Some shows hang on too long, some say goodbye too soon and f*ck it a whole bunch of shows were gone and now they’re back. Stranger Things is currently a red hot commodity for streaming colossus Netflix, so it was a lot to unpack earlier this year when creators The Duffer Brothers suggesed they plan to wrap things up at the end of season 4. As is the case when dealing with the Upside Down, things have a way of changing.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ross and Matt Duffer and executive producer Shawn Levy noted that they’re open to keeping the show going into season 5 and beyond. Well, maybe just into season 5 from the sounds of things.

“Hearts were heard breaking in Netflix headquarters when the Brothers made four seasons sound like an official end, and I was suddenly getting phone calls from our actors’ agents,” Levy told EW. “The truth is we’re definitely going four seasons and there’s very much the possibility of a fifth. Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely.”

The prospect of tacking another season (or more) onto Stranger Things isn’t a case of volume for volume’s sake explained Ross Duffer. Although, he does acknowledge that the show will outstay its welcome if it stretches beyond anything sensible.

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