‘Stranger Things’ Is Getting A Third Season And Maybe Even A Fourth

Just as the Vincent Price-heavy Stranger Things season two trailer cools off, the Duffer brothers have confirmed that their love letter to ’80s horror is not only locked-in for a third season, but will likely get a fourth before the story wraps up. They don’t want the kids of Hawkins, Indiana to go the way of a Bran Stark, aging rapidly and evolving from a small boy into a quasi Richmond from IT Crowd in just a few years.

In an interview with Vulture, Ross Duffer explained the in and out approach to their hit show: “We’re thinking it will be a four-season thing and then out.” While Matt Duffer added: “We just have to keep adjusting the story, though I don’t know if we can justify something bad happening to them once a year.”

“They’re going to have to get the f*ck out of this town! It’s ridiculous!” Ross said.

Unless, the whole story is about this madness happening in their small town in a short period of time, which would make some sense narratively, but I’m no Duffer bro.

Now if you’re already mourning the departure of Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will (and Eleven) because the rascals only get four seasons, fear not: they’ll inevitably get back together for a ten-year reunion because Netflix loves reunions. Maybe they can meet back up in the Upside Down around nine thirty. Or maybe they can just say nine that way they can be there by nine thirty.

(Via Vulture)