Watch ‘Stranger Things’ Side-By-Side Tributes To Classic 1970s/1980s Movies

Yesterday, we reported on the future of Netflix’s creepy breakout hit, Stranger Things. Co-creators the Duffer Brothers don’t want a second season, they want “a sequel,” while producer Shawn Levy added, “That’s why we’re so hopeful we get another few seasons to live with these people a little longer.”

Today, let’s talk about Stranger Things‘ past, namely all the 1970s and 1980s movies it pays homage to. The series is rife with nods to The Empire Strikes Back (“Lando!”), Carrie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Some critics have panned the show for essentially being a nostalgia mixtape, but there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the story’s interesting (it is) and the characters are engaging (they are, especially Eleven and my man Dustin). Besides, it’s not every day you get a Firestarter reference. The movies included in the supercut above are:

-The Goonies
-E.T the Extra-Terrestrial
-Close encounters of the Third King
-A Nightmare on Elm Street
-The Shining
-Stand by Me

As noted by the Vimeo commenters, there are many other movies missing, including, “Ordering someone to ‘piss your pants’ while holding a friend at knifepoint is Last House on the Left all the way!” and “Well, when the kids try to kill the monster with a stone that’s definitely IT the clown.”

I think the world’s good on Pennywise.