Stupid Lucky Zach Morris

10.13.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

This saucy video is from Monday night’s “Weeds,” and needless to say, Mark-Paul Gosselaar pulling Mary-Louise Parker’s hair was just the beginning. What followed after this scene was probably the best sex scene between two hyphenated names we’ll ever see. Bohemea (NSFW) says…

I knew there was a filthy sex scene coming up between Nancy & Zach Morris. I did not know that MPG would totally violate MLP in ways that I’ve only imagined. He pulled her hair, spanked her with a belt, bent her over a bar & held her down while he had his beastly Preppie way with her. It was one of the most outstanding sex scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

The link above is accompanied by several NSFW screencaps of the scene, and you can watch the glorious unedited video at Fleshbot. But on the off chance that you’re forbidden from looking at nudity while at work, I’ve made SFW screencaps after the jump. I’m not sure what selfless miracle Mark-Paul Gosselaar pulled off to get the karmic retribution of this scene, but it’s somewhere on the level of blowing Jesus.

One more NSFW image here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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