A ‘Succession’ Star Won’t Reveal Much About The Series Finale, Other Than ‘It Will Make People Crazy’

Succession‘s series finale is still weeks (and one wedding) away, but Alan Ruck, who plays Connor Roy on the HBO series, teased what fans can expect.

“I think the show ends in a perfect Succession fashion. I think it’s very satisfying. I think it will also make people crazy. But that’s what our show does,” he told Collider. He’s right: this is a dramatic reenactment of what I look like during every episode.

Ruck also shared if the cast was clued into the endgame. “We knew a few things, from the beginning of the season,” he revealed. “Way back in June, we knew a couple of things, but mostly, it was a need to know basis. Some characters were clued in about what was gonna happen with them, but if people didn’t need to know, we were allowed to discover it, as it happened.”

In plotting the final season, creator Jesse Armstrong had the word “natural” in mind. As in, “I hope people, when they see this season, will feel that it has a natural shape to it,” he told Variety. “That’s how I pitched it to my writers’ room, kind of hoping I’d get argued out of it so we’d see a way to do more seasons, because I love working with these people. I think there’s a feeling of completeness and rightness to the shape of the show.”

I won’t be complete until Connor Roy becomes president. Or he gets two percent of the vote. That one’s probably more likely.

(Via Collider)