Suck It, ‘H8R’

10.07.11 6 years ago 20 Comments

The CW has canceled “H8R,” the Mario Lopez-hosted confrontation show that put down “haters” — average, non-famous people — in order to defend human garbage like Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick (pictured), Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis, and “Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka.

Perhaps if “H8R” had forced its celebrities to confront and acknowledge WHY people hate them, if it had brought wealthy fame whores like Snooki down a peg, it might have been a success. But it didn’t do that. The show existed to fluff the celebrities and put down the little plebes who didn’t achieve fame through a reality show. The message was clear: celebrities should ONLY be adored for the mere fact that they’re FAMOUS, and SCREW YOU if you have the temerity to express a negative opinion of them.

It wasn’t merely a bad show, it was idiotically tone-deaf — a crass, stupid, insulting middle finger at a nation of people already struggling to get by and angry at the wealthy elite. The people responsible for “H8R” should be dragged out onto Wall Street and kicked in the ribs by an angry mob until their bones turn to jelly.

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