This Is Literally The Best Supercut Of Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) Of ‘Parks And Recreation’

Rob Lowe’s bubbly character on Parks and Recreation (Chris Traeger) is literally the most optimistic exercise and health food enthusiast on an NBC comedy airing at 9:30 PM (8:30 Central). Despite having a rare blood disorder, Chris Traeger is certain he’ll live to 150, and his goal is to run the distance to the moon. He also dances just like all of our dads:

Magnificent. I’m feeling more pumped for the weekend already. Now here’s a bit of a spoiler.

His exuberance seems to be reaching its limit. After Jerry’s daughter Millie dumps Chris, he seems depressed by Ann’s relationship with Tom, and last week we saw him have a full-on breakdown mid-run over his loneliness. So, with a visit to the therapist on the agenda, NBC has pulled together a supercut of Chris’ relentless positivity. [Flavorwire]

Oh, that’s why they made this supercut? We thought they did it so they can distract Rob Lowe long enough to sneak into his house and find the Dorian Gray style portrait in his attic and study it until they can determine its magical anti-aging powers.


Remember the good times, but don’t stay alone with your thoughts for too long.

[Pictures via uniquemeson, FYeahParksAndRec, and L-shaped eclairs.]