‘Supergirl’ Finds Its Red Tornado In The ‘Peaky Blinders’ Cast

iddo goldberg
CarlaVanWagoner /

The Red Tornado is one of those cult characters who goes in and out of style at DC. Sometimes the wind-controlling android is a member of the Justice League and everybody’s favorite robobuddy, other times you can barely find him in the DCU. But apparently, he’ll be turning up in Supergirl, and with a personality change, no less.

Comic Book is reporting that Iddo Goldberg, Freddie Thorne to you Peaky Blinders fans, will be playing both the Red Tornado and his inventor, Dr. T.O. Morrow. Supposedly, Red Tornado, the most advanced android ever built, will threaten Supergirl’s city, although how and why isn’t clear yet. Considering how beloved the character is in the halls of DC, we’re assuming this is going to be a temporary turn to the Dark Side, probably thanks to Morrow’s influence. Hey, DC has a lot of mad scientists.

It seems likely this will be a recurring role; Goldberg’s an experienced TV actor, and Red Tornado wouldn’t be a one-and-done supervillain on DC’s watch anyway. Mostly, it’ll be interesting to see how they build Tornado’s quest for humanity, because of course he has one, into the show. And it leaves us wondering who else they can put into play.

(Via Comic Book)