‘Supergirl’ Discovers Everyone Loves Superman In A New Trailer

09.27.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

We’ve already gotten a look at Tyler Hoechlin as Superman in season two of Supergirl, but we haven’t really seen how Kara plays off her cousin. Or, for that matter, the potential downsides of having your more famous relative in your city. So this new trailer offers a look at what it’s like to be upstaged.

Admittedly, the idea of Clark Kent/Superman having supercharisma is highly entertaining, and we doubt Kara is ever going to let Alex live down that remark about how awesome her cousin smells. Also there’s a sly hint that DC might finally be letting a certain Caped Crusader into the mix, or at least some of his Bat-family. We’re rooting for Nightwing to show up and complicate Kara’s love life.

Still, what’s also interesting is that the show manages to deal with the big question of shifting cities. Vancouver and Los Angeles aren’t exactly twins, but Kara appears to have made the switch easily. She even has a few new moves, like that bullet pinch. The only downside is that since she’s keeping her same time and day, we’ll now have to choose between Kara’s boundless optimism and Gotham‘s utter insanity on Monday nights. Fortunately, both are on Hulu, so if you miss one, at least you can catch the other. You’ll have to start deciding Oct. 10.

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