The ‘Survivor’ Contestant Who Outed His Transgender Teammate Loses His Job Due To The Incident

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04.16.17 4 Comments

Former Survivor contestant Jeff Varner is still facing hefty criticism for his decision to out fellow contestant Zeke Smith as being transgender on the show. While Varner apologized on the show and offered another apology via a statement, the incident is still causing trouble and has now cost Varner his job as a real estate agent.

Varner was fired from his job in North Carolina this week according to Variety, with the real estate agency directly citing Survivor as their reasoning:

After the airing, the incident sparked an online backlash against Varner and much discussion about the ethics of outing another person.

Varner, who is gay, apologized to Smith on the show and has repeatedly apologized in numerous interviews this week.

The News and Record reported Varner was told he was fired because he was “in the middle of a news story that we don’t want anything to do with.”

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