Here Is A Supercut Of Ron Swanson Talking About Food And Now I’m Hungry

I really like when people make supercuts of Ron Swanson, for a few reasons. First of all, he is one of the more fascinating television characters of the past five or so years, so I will gladly take all of the Swanson-related content I can get my hands on, especially between seasons of the show. Another reason is that his tendency to deliver short, funny statements that sum up his worldview translates very well to the supercut format, because you can smush like a dozen of them together and voilà Internet gold.

But the main reason I like when people make supercuts of Ron Swanson is that sometimes there is absolutely dick-all going on in the television world and I really don’t feel like writing about Randy Jackson blabbering about Idol or Lena Dunham getting a haircut, so it’s nice to be able to plop a video like this in a draft, click publish, and then move along to something else, knowing that the post will get a bunch of traffic no matter what I write in the text box, whether it be an explanation of the video itself, 400 words about why I think robot butlers are just too risky at this point (I mean, what if they malfunction and rig the microwave to, like, shoot lasers or something?), or a couple meta-ass run-on sentences about how I decide what to post about.

They’re kind of heroic in that way.

HuffPo via Vulture