Taco From ‘The League’ Sings The Best Christmas Song That Ever Existed

Jon Lajoie, who plays Taco on The League, and who has a fledgling career on YouTube as a musician of hilariously awful songs like “F*ck Everything” and “Very Super Famous,” has recently also released a Christmas song appropriately called “The Best Christmas Song.”

Look: I don’t know a lot about music or anything, all I know is that this song made me very happy. It also made my ears bleed profusely. It’s only 3:47 long, but it feels like half an hour, and I had to actually pause it a few times to let the swelling in my brain subside. But it’s TOTALLY worth it, as the song puts you in the perfect mood for the holidays, especially if you like to spend your holidays murdering family members. I can’t really explain it, but I actually removed my underwear and threw them at my monitor. Then I think I passed out.

Now, I’m going to listen to it three more times and call the paramedics.

(Via Our Brother from Another Mother, Withleather)