Taylor Swift Fans Launch Jihad Against Tina Fey, Much To Our Amusement

This is our last Golden Globes post of the day, we swear, but Taylor Swift fans vs. the perfect creature on Earth known as Tina Fey is too good to ignore. But first, let’s momentarily celebrate the Globes getting its highest ratings in six years, which is confusing for NBC. The ceremony’s “18-49 score is up 23 percent from last year,” according to the Hollywood Reporter, which may have had to do with hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, stars of two Internet-beloved shows, but with dreadful weekly Nielsen numbers.

As for Taylor vs. Tina, a recap:

After losing the Golden Globe for Best Original Song to Adele, Taylor Swift faced ridicule from the Globes hosts over her split from Harry Styles, the latest in a long line of public, lyrics-inspiring breakups. “You know what, Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J Fox’s son,” Tina Fey told a laughing crowd. (Via)

Oh no she didn’t?! Yes, obviously, she did; block quotes do NOT lie. T-Swift’s fans, whose acknowledgement of 30 Rock‘s existence I’m assuming is limited to when they type “30” instead of “22” on iTunes, were quick to knock that RUDE, OLD host down a few pegs. #tayloryoullfindonelovedayyouretoogoodfortheglobesanyway