You’ll Thank Us For This Epic Plane Crash From TBS’s New Comedy ‘Wrecked’

As you can see in the above opening scene from TBS’ new series, Wrecked, no one is having a good time on their Lotus Airlines flight. Meals are being spilled, eyes are getting rolled, and the flight attendant is hiding in the bathroom for a smoke. Wrecked feels your travel angst, and raises you one worse: on top of cramped seats and no leg room, they’re also going to crash land on an uninhabited island.

That’s right: all they wanted was a measly bag of peanuts, and now they’re left trying to recollect any survival skills they may have picked up along the way. Wrecked is the perfect sitcom for summer with the tropical locale, rapid-fire jokes, and more than a smidge of millennial angst. This group of passengers may not know much about island living, but they do know about healthy relationships… actually, they aren’t good at that either. Anyway, now that you’ve gotten a little taste of what Wrecked will be like when it premieres on Tuesday June 14 at 10PM on TBS, let’s get to know the survivors, so you can start placing your bets on who will end up on top.

As the only surviving crew member, Owen O’Connor (Zach Cregger) is automatically seen as the group’s new leader, but he doesn’t really have the people skills or skills of any kind for him to excel in that position. He’d much rather be left alone in comfortable solitude, but his new buddy Danny Wallace (Brian Sacca) isn’t going to let that happen. An ill-timed lie that he’s a cop (he’s not) gives him a position of power, but despite his good intentions, his plans will almost definitely backfire.

Some couples are in it for the long haul because they love each other while others are just in it for convenience at this point. Jess Kato (Ally Maki) and Todd Hinkle (Will Greenburg) have been together for seven years now, but Todd is still unwilling to commit for fear that someone better may come along. Jess, ever optimistic, had hoped that their trip would be the impetus Todd needed to propose, but Todd might be too much of a douchebag to ever really settle down.

Friendships can begin to wear and tear a bit as two lives go in very different directions. Florence Bitterman (Jessica Lowe) is a bit of an irresponsible wild child while her best friend, Emma Cook (Ginger Gonzaga), just graduated with honors from Columbia medical school. Before Emma starts her residency, Florence drags her on a trip to Thailand, but the resentment between the two of them is bound to bubble to the surface before long.

Just because you’re a killer in the business world doesn’t mean you have the survival skills to thrive on a deserted island. However, Karen Cushman (Brooke Dillman) has both in spades. Karen hopes to rise to the top on the island through her ample survival skills, even if they couldn’t get her the promotion she desired at Bing (not Google). Pack Hara (Asif Ali), however, is the ultimate metropolitan man, and while he may be a ruthless sports agent, he does not have the physical toughness needed to survive. The guy’s a schemer, though, so don’t count him out just yet.

And then there’s Steve Rutherford (Rhys Darby). Steve is just looking for some friends after being bullied for most of his life in New Zealand, so the island is pretty much his dream come true. Due to their situation, the group can’t give him the brush off, so Steve’s got eight new best friends. Sure, the food may be bad and the elements may be cruel, but it might as well be a utopia in the eyes of friendly Steve.

Wrecked premieres Tuesday, June 14th at 10/9c on TBS.