The New Big Bad On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Will Be Someone From John Dorie’s Past

SPOILERS for Fear the Walking Dead will be found below.

Two episodes into the back half of Season Six of Fear the Walking Dead, and there have already been two major deaths. John Dorie was the first victim, shot and killed by Dakota, while in last week’s episode, June got her revenge by killing Dakota’s mother, Ginny.

Those two deaths, interestingly, may pave the way for the next Big Bad in the series. Ginny’s absence, of course, leaves an opening for another major villain, since she had been the primary antagonist for the past season. Meanwhile, the forthcoming villain will be someone from John Dorie’s past, hinted co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “I think people should go back and look at what John Dorie has said in the first half of the season, because it will offer a clue as to one of the big threats in the back half of the season.”

As suggests, Chambliss is likely referring to a serial killer that Dorie’s father put in prison, though he had to do so by framing him, which cost Dorie’s father his job. Here’s how Dorie described him in Episode Four of this season:

“Women were going missing in the Houston area. Bodies showing up miles away. The term didn’t exist then, but I suppose the fella doin’ it is what we’d call a serial killer. Detectives found him living on this compound out in the desert with a bunch of people he brainwashed into thinking he was the second coming or somethin’. Really, he was just some two-bit mortician spouting on about death and new beginnings … just a bunch of nonsense dressed up to sound profound.”

“Nonsense dressed up as profound” certainly sounds like the person behind all that spray-painted tags reading, “The end is the beginning.” The group responsible for those tags is already being set up as the back-half villains, and it would only make sense that they’d be led by someone Alicia described in the season six trailer as, “The King of the Crazies.” In fact, the KIng of the Crazies narrates that trailer: “Everything is winding down,” he says. “Death is inevitable, but from this death comes new life.”

That definitely sounds like “nonsense dressed up as profound.” That character’s name is Teddy, he’s played by John Glover (Smallville), and he looks exactly like a two-bit mortician.


It would seem that after the zombie apocalypse, Teddy managed to escape prison, and now on top of everything else, Morgan and the Gang now have to deal with a serial killer with an apparently large following and a ready supply of spray paint. We can’t wait to meet him.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

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