Television Sitcoms’ 10 Best Signature Dance Moves

A bad television show will built itself around catch phrases. A good television show will deliver so many great lines week after week that few will stick long enough before the another round of one liners come along and supplant them. But the best television sitcoms have a knack for infectious dance sequences so memorable that the characters can be identified by their signature moves.

I’ll be honest with you: I love a good dance sequence. Nothing brings me more pleasure than a sitcom character unafraid to act a fool for the entertainment bliss of others. Here are television’s signature dance moves, the ones that — good or bad — get inside your bones and make you wanna go Sam Rockwell up in this joint.

10. “Friends” — The Ross and Monica Routine

9. Community — The Britta Dance

8. How I Met Your Mother — The Robin Sparkles

7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — The Mac Elbow Dance

6. The Elaine Dance

5. Perfect Strangers — The Dance of Joy

4. Parks and Recreation — The Ron Swanson

3. Arrested Development — The Chicken Dance

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air — The Carlton Dance

1. Scrubs — The Turk Dance

Non-Sitcom Honorable Mentions

Psych — The Sean and Gus Peanuts Dance

Ally McBeal — The Barry White Dance

Bonus — My Two Favorite YouTube Videos of All Time