Terry Crews Stops By Sesame Street To Teach Us About Being An Artist

Senior Writer

With the way that he bounces between blowing up the bad guys in the Expendables franchise to playing the world’s most adorable musclebound police dad on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry Crews is certainly an artist, both in cinema and in the more common use of the word. That’s why he was more than qualified to swing by Sesame Street to team up with Abby and The Count and tell us all about the different kinds of artists that we can be when we grow up. Do you want to be a mime? A violinist? A sculptor? A dancer? A painter? No? Well, don’t worry because despite The Count only giving us five kinds of artists, there are plenty more styles to choose from. For example, I have been known to make a mean fart noise with my hands. That’s art!

Now, let’s get to a far more important matter. What network is going to be brave enough to give Crews his own talking mime sitcom? Looking at you, NBC.

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