Thank You, South Carolina

06.08.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

When it comes to news about the world, I try to stay informed but willfully ignorant about the really depressing stuff. Like, I’m aware of the BP spill, its catastrophic environmental impact, and the company’s callus approach to the cleanup — but I’m not looking at detailed pictures of animals covered in oil. That’s just gonna make me want t0 swallow razor blades. It’s the same reason I never finished Thomas Ricks’s Fiasco — it’s depressing enough to lose friends in a war, I didn’t need every detail of government ineptitude that led to that.

Jon Stewart tackled this on last night’s “Daily Show,” highlighting the scandalous South Carolina gubernatorial race that includes factually incorrect racism and hilariously false claims of an extramarital affair (skip to the 3:20 mark in the video above if you’re in a rush). Whether or not you’re a fan of Stewart, the last two minutes are some of the funniest television I’ve seen in months. It’s a nice way to not think about the BP spill for a couple minutes, and much cheaper than my usual distraction: getting a lap dance from your mom.

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