That ‘Munsters’ Reboot Is Either Happening Or Not Happening

10.02.12 2 Comments

Remember Mockingbird Lane, the Munsters reboot produced by Pushing Daisies showrunner Bryan Fuller that NBC was all excited about a few months ago. You know, the one with Jerry O’Connell, Portia de Rossi, and Eddie Izzard? Yeah, that one. It’s pretty much dead now, according to Deadline.

It looks like NBC’s Mockingbird Lane pilot won’t be going to series. There is no final decision, but I hear that the network brass are leaning towards passing on the project, a reboot of the classic 1960s sitcom The Munsters. The project from Bryan Fuller had been in the works at NBC for a couple of seasons, originally developed by the previous regime during the 2010-11 development cycle. Fuller’s script was one of very few Bob Greenblatt kept in play when he took over the network in January 2011. It was redeveloped and in November 2011, it was ordered to pilot around the same time another Fuller-written drama, Hannibal, landed a script-to-series deal at NBC. [Deadline]

BUT WAIT. According to Fuller, Deadline is full of crap, and it is very much alive:

So … if it’s dead … but it’s also not dead … then it’s … undead? Like, maybe, A CHARACTER ON THE MUNSTERS? OooooooOOOOOOOOoooooooooo. SPOOKY.

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