The 15 Best Lines From Last Night's Tinker-Stinking 'The League'

I have a feeling that last night’s episode was not too well received, but I thought it was solid if not spectacular. I didn’t care for the Wild Kingdom subplot, but the payoff was totally worth it, and the tailgating party was an all around success. A lot of that credit goes to Ken Marino’s character, The Seed, but for some reason, I thought Tug was the best part of last night’s episode. The highlight for me wasn’t even a one-liner; it was when someone took off Tug’s cap, he was exposed as bald, and he lost his sh*t. But I’m a simple man. I also wish that the screen grabs could adequately capture Taco’s relentless dedication to casual stupidity. The guy is a goddamn gem.

Jim McMahon was also on last night, but I don’t like that guy, if only because, among stories I’ve heard from fans talking about their worst experiences with pro athletes, Jim McMahon is behind only Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling.

Here were the best lines from last night.