‘The Abandons’ From Kurt Sutter: Everything We Know So Far Including The Release Date, Trailer & More

Sons of Anarchy creator/showrunner Kurt Sutter largely left the Mayans M.C. building back in 2019. That spinoff series has since concluded in a similarly devastating way as SOA did, and now, The Shield writer is gearing up to return to TV under his SutterInk production umbrella.

He’ll act as showrunner/executive producer for The Abandons, which will stream on Netflix. The series shall be a Western action-drama in the days when there’s a renewed interest for that sort of thing. Speaking of which, I must mention that Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan once portrayed a Sons of Anarchy cop (RIP Deputy Hale), so I probably won’t stop thinking about that for awhile.

Now, let’s talk more about what to expect from The Abandons.


Sutter conceived The Abandons long before Sheridan became reigning Western TV king, but surely, it won’t hurt that Westerns are all the rage these days. Yet we probably shouldn’t expect The Abandons to target the same conservative-leaning audience as Yellowstone, especially given the strong matriarch characters on board (see below for cast info). Here’s a plot synopsis:

“As a group of diverse, outlier families pursue their Manifest Destiny in 1850s Oregon, a corrupt force of wealth and power, coveting their land, tries to force them out. These abandoned souls, the kind of lost souls living on the fringe of society, unite their tribes to form a family and fight back. In this bloody process, ‘justice’ is stretched beyond the boundaries of the law. The Abandons will explore that fine line between survival and law, the consequences of violence, and the corrosive power of secrets, as this family fights to keep their land.”


Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones, The Purge) will portray a powerful matriarch who adopts four orphans after being unable to birth her own biological offspring. And Gillian Anderson (The X-Files, The Crown) will portray a matriarch who also happens to be a mining-fortune heir and savvy business woman in her own right. She will also have a host of political allies.

Additionally, Sutter has suggested that, should the show run for multiple seasons, we could see the likes of Billy The Kid, although that’s all vaguey-vague now with no word on possible casting.

Additionally, there’s been absolutely no talk of Charlie Hunnam appearing on this show. However, Hunnam has recently had fond things to say about this time on SOA and suggested that he wouldn’t mind returning to that world. Could he, instead, end up in The Abandons? No one would be mad about that.

Release Date

Netflix hasn’t issued a release date as of yet. The series was understood to be filming while the strike hammer came down on the WGA and SAG-AFTRA fronts. As a result, filming isn’t currently happening, but hang tight for more developments there and hopefully a firm 2024 release date.


Well, there’s no trailer yet, and it might be awhile before that happens. Until then, please enjoy this [NSFW, obviously] clip of Sutter as Sons Of Anarchy‘s Otto when he chewed off his own tongue.

We don’t know when The Abandons will come to Netflix, but once we do, then you will know as well.