The Mystery Model Who Opened The ‘Mad Men’ Premiere Is The Daughter Of A Famous Actress

The opening scene of Mad Men this week featured a woman auditioning in front of Don Draper for a commercial, wearing little else but a $15,000 chinchilla coat (though it was not an ad for mink coats, but one for Wilkinson razor blades, hence why Don uttered the once famous ad slogan, “Wilkinson smooth” to Rachel Menken in his vision). Who knows, really, what the subtext to that opening scene was, except its demonstration that Don was running creative again at McCann Erickson, and that he still had a mastery over women.

What you may not have realized, however, is that the model from that scene is the daughter of another famous actress, Andie MacDowell, best known for her roles in Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral. MacDowell’s daughter’s name is Rainey Qualley, and she was the 2012 Miss Golden Globe. Interestingly, she also played MacDowell’s daughter in the 2012 movie, Mighty Fine:

You may also be familiar with her sister, Margaret Qualley, who plays Jill Garvey in The Leftovers.

Those are some great genes (their father, Paul Qualley, was also a Gap ad model, which is how he and Andie MacDowell met).

via Vogue