Everyone’s Sad And Suspicious In ‘The Americans’ Final Season Trailer

Senior Pop Culture Editor
03.12.18 2 Comments

The low-key saddest show on TV, The Americans, returns on March 28 for its sixth and final season. FX has already released multiple promos for the last batch of episodes before we say goodbye to Mail Robot forever (in fact, we ranked them, from least to most anxious), and today we got a full-length trailer.

All the Americans hallmarks are there:

-It’s dark
-Elizabeth is sad
-Philip is sad
-Paige is sad and doomed
-Philip and Paige exchange murder-y glances
-Stan is clueless
-Wigs wigs wigs
-A not-insignificant amount of violence
-And of course, Character Actress Margo Martindale

As for an actual plot, beyond the wigs (which is the name of my The Americans after-show): “Philip and Elizabeth’s ability to protect their cover and family’s safety deteriorates. The Jennings struggle to maintain a smokescreen of normalcy, especially around their son who remains ignorant of the spies in his midst. With Gorbachev in power in the Soviet Union, the winds of change are sweeping through Russia and America creating new perils.” It’s interesting that there’s nothing in there about Stan, y’know, the FBI agent living across the street from two (now three) undercover Russian spies, and also Henry, who have murdered their way across the country. Maybe we should be worried.

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