The City Of New York Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Sex And The City’ Photo Shoot

10.22.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

Muslims have Mecca. Gay men have Dollywood. And women (and gay men) who love Sex and the City have 66 Perry Street, the address of Carrie Bradshaw’s home on the HBO series. So many fans have flocked to the townhouse that the people who, y’know, actually live there put up a metal chain and sign that reads, “Do NOT go on staircase please.” Sarah Jessica Parker don’t care.

On Oct. 7, [Parker] posted Instagram pictures of herself leaning over the chain and sign to place items from her SJP Collection for Nordstrom on the steps, then posing on the stoop alongside her sumptuous shoes, underneath a black hat.

The owners of 66 Perry St. didn’t get back to us, but Gerald Banu, president of the Perry Street Association, told Page Six, “I heard about the shoot. They didn’t get the permission from the owner. The situation with SATC visitors is still very intense. People who live here get upset that the sidewalks are constantly jammed.” (Via)

Pity the poor townhouse owners who not only have to deal with brunch-loving, clutch-wearing, pun-spewing, cupcake-eating Sex and the City fans, but also photoshoots for ugly shoes. Then again, they have enough money to own a West Village townhouse, so don’t pity them TOO much.

Via Page Six

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