Supergirl Meets Her Fellow DC Heroes In This Clip From The CW’s Upcoming Mega-Crossover

11.18.16 1 year ago

Ever since Supergirl jumped to the CW, it was the question fans immediately asked: So, when is she going to crossover with the rest of the CW’s DC universe? The answer is the week after Thanksgiving, in an enormous four-night event across four different shows. But, of course, the question is how she gets there, something this clip from Entertainment Weekly answers.

To be a nerdy nerd nerd for a minute here, it looks like the CW is clarifying that Kara is in a different reality from the rest of the CW, which is useful not least because it explains why Kara isn’t just cleaning up Starling City’s annual riots and helping Barry understand both that time travel is not the solution to his problems and that he really needs to get over this whole Iris thing. Then again, Ollie doesn’t have to fight giant life-sucking naked purple dudes, so maybe that’s a fair trade.

As for the actual crossover, the title says it all, but it’s based on a classic DC story where a bunch of different alien races team up to try and get Earth, and its pesky superheroes, out of their plans for galactic domination once and for all. So expect lots of goopy monsters, lots of fights, a few characters coming back, and generally a pretty rowdy time. It starts November 29th at 8pm on the CW.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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