Trevor Noah Told The Exact Same Joke Every Groundhog Day When He Hosted ‘The Daily Show’

In Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s Phil Connors wakes up every morning to “I Got You Babe.” If he made it through the whole day without dropping a toaster into the bathtub (and, uh, the movie was set in the 2010s), he could have fallen asleep to former-The Daily Show host Trevor Noah telling the same joke, word for word, every Groundhog Day.

“Today is Groundhog Day. And also, what the hell is Groundhog Day?” the joke begins, as seen in the compilation above. “People pull a rodent out of the ground and then ask the animal to predict the weather? Really? This is so unfair, because if Africans were doing sh*t like this and you heard that we pulled animals out of the ground, like, there are villages in Africa where people wear animal skin, and if I tried to explain that Americans use groundhogs to predict the weather, they’d be like, ‘But why not use the satellite data?'”

Noah told this exact joke for seven years in a row; it’s to The Daily Show as Mac and Me is to Conan’s TV shows and podcasts. Will The Daily Show guest host D.L. Hughley continue the trend? Find out tonight. Also, RIP Fred la Marmotte.