The Dais For The Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco Is Pretty Great

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08.13.13 24 Comments

James Franco Roast

Last month, Comedy Central broke the news that the network is finally bringing some A-list flavor to its popular roasts, as James Franco will be the celebrity of honor at this year’s event, airing on September 2. Of course, that’s a pretty significant (and younger) upgrade from the likes of Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff and Larry the Cable, despite their arguable fame, ironic or otherwise. But the big question that has been lingering over the upcoming event like a bad set of jokes from Mike Sorrentino is which of Franco’s superstar pals would show up to tear him a new one.

While it was announced last week that Franco’s best pal and Pineapple Express co-star Seth Rogen will serve as roastmaster, Comedy Central revealed some of the other big names on this year’s dais today, and at least one other This is the End partygoer plans to show up and make fun of Franco for smoking weed and whatever else.

Franco Roast Dais

We obviously know that comics like Jeff Ross and Sarah Silverman are capable of bringing the zips, zows and zings to a roast, but it will be very interesting to see if Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Nick Kroll are able to hang with the best, and my prediction is they will, because they’re funny guys. Even Toby Keith pulled a funny joke or two out of his crushed cowboy hat, so I’ll always have faith in the pros.

Meanwhile, the anticipation and requests for tickets have been so big for this roast that Comedy Central already had to push the taping date back a week to accommodate more people, as additional roasters are still expected to be announced.

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